The Principals

John W. Hammaren

John is President of GeoConcepts Ltd., an information systems integration and software development company consulting to a wide range of clients in the New York metropolitan area. He has served in this capacity for over twenty years and is a founder of the company. Since starting the company, he has consulted to a large number of clients on network design, software requirements and analysis, systems integration, and systems management. Several significant projects have included the development of a processing system to automate the production of CD-ROMs used to distribute reports for a large financial services company, and the design and implementation of various Microsoft® Access based reporting applications for a mid-sized insurance company. John is currently responsible for business strategy, employee development and marketing.

Before joining GeoConcepts, he spent fourteen years in various technical and marketing positions for IBM, working with clients ranging from small multi-user systems to large enterprise systems. During this time, he gained extensive experience in systems requirements and design, managing the installation of systems, and providing strategic information technology recommendations to clients.

In addition to attending Columbia University, John received a considerable amount of technical, marketing and consulting training and education over the last twenty years. He has spent his entire career working directly with clients, and as a result of this experience, is able to provide a high degree of expertise and value to the consulting process.

Carl H. Neumann

Carl is Chief Technology Office for GeoConcepts, and has over thiry years of experience in the information technology arena, including thirteen years with IBM. He has held various positions in technical marketing, engineering, and engineering management. Since leaving IBM and joining GeoConcepts as a principal, Carl has consulted with a large number of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprise installations. These projects have involved application design and installation, systems operation and systems integration. He is the lead systems architect for the firm, and responsible for managing software development projects.

Significant projects include collaborating with a large consulting firm in the development of a General Ledger consolidation system for a large financial services company, and development of a custom document imaging system. In addition, Carl provides strategic IT direction for many of our clients.

Carl holds Masters degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. In addition, he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. He is a candidate for a PhD in Information Management at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he has taught Information Management courses as an Adjunct Professor. He is a contributor to “Managing the IT Resource”,published by Prentice-Hall. Carl’s combination of academic and practical experience provides a unique perspective and valuable contributions to GeoConcepts’ clients.