GeoConcepts Advantage

Are your computer consultants part of your team? Do they deliver on their promises?

Or are they just an added stress on your hectic schedule?

When your computer crashes, it's usually at the worst possible time! Are you getting the response you need to be back 'up and running' at a reasonable rate?

Are you really doing all you can to prevent the results of computer viruses, Spyware, and security threats? Are your computer consultants proactive in defending against the latest exposures, or do they take advantage of them (by ignoring them) in order to generate more business for themselves when you are affected?

GeoConcepts’ business partners enjoy the comfort of knowing that we are part of their team. And we support their business growth (because when they grow, we grow!). Being part of their team means thinking strategically and proactively. Besides addressing the daily problems that occur, we work diligently to reduce the reoccurrence of problems and to prevent against problems that can be anticipated. We work hard at balancing the business situation against the costs of technology.

If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable service providers who over-promise and under-deliver, call GeoConcepts. With more than 15 years of expert service to small businesses and large corporations in the NY metropolitan area, when problems occur, you’ll be back up in no time. And you won’t be sold products you do not need or locked into costly service contracts.

Specializing in:

  • Disaster prevention and recovery
  • Firewall and VPN security
  • Database integration
  • Networking
  • Custom software development


We offer immediate expert support by experienced, certified professionals who speak your language at a reasonable cost to your company.